What is Tengu?
Tengu is a sound reactive USB character

Does Tengu make any sound?
No, Tengu reacts to sounds around him, but he doesn't create any sound himself.

How does he work?
He plugs into the USB port of a computer and then he responds to sound.

Does Tengu require any special software?
No, Tengu is a self-contained device - he just draws power through the USB port.

Will he work with my computer?
Yes, he should work with all types of computer - Windows, Mac and Linux (as long as it has a USB port)

Will he work with a USB hub?
Yes. Tengu should work just fine plugged into a USB hub.

How big is Tengu?
Tengu is 70mm high, 43mm wide and 14mm deep (the packaging is 168mm x 98mm x 34mm). He comes with a 1m white USB cable.

Who produces Tengu?
Tengu is produced by Mr Jones Design Ltd

Who designed Tengu?
Tengu was designed by Crispin Jones.

Why is he called Tengu?
A Tengu is a character from Japanese folklore that plays tricks on people and generally gets up to mischief. The name was chosen by the designer Crispin Jones, who explains, "The early prototypes of Tengu featured some slightly different behaviour which was more aligned with the kind of tricks that Tengus get up to. Later we changed the behaviour of the character, but we really liked the name so it stuck! We plan to introduce some of the more mischevious behaviours into future Tengu characters"

Do you have any more wooden Tengus?
no, sorry - there were only a very few of them produced and they sold out a quite fast!

Where can I buy Tengu?
You can order from us on this website. Alternatively you can check the Stockists page for the retailer closest to you.

I have a shop and I would like to stock Tengu - who should I speak to about wholesale options ?
Great! Please write to us with details of your shop and we'll be happy to begin discussions:

I am a journalist, where can I get high-resolution images of Tengu?
You can download print-resolution image files here. If you have any additional questions (or you would like a Tengu for press review) then please send an email to:

have a question that isn't answered here - who can I contact?
Please send an email to:

Can you keep me informed about new Tengu developments?
Of course - we'd be delighted to. Please sign up for the mailing list so that we can keep in touch with you.